American Express Company (AXP)’s Prepaid Cards, Mastercard Inc (MA) & Visa Inc (V)’s Antitrust Settlement

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Visa, Mastercard Deals Inked At Expense Of Class, Court Told (Law360)
A slew of companies objecting to a $7.25 billion antitrust settlement in multidistrict litigation over Visa Inc (NYSE:V) and Mastercard Inc (NYSE:MA)‘s interchange fees claimed Friday that several retailers who inked separate deals with the credit card companies may have done so at the expense of the class. The National Association of Convenience Stores and the other named plaintiffs who have opposed the broader antitrust settlement asked the court overseeing the case to force the retailers to turn over their own deals with Visa and MasterCard, saying that…

Mastercard Inc (NYSE:MA)

Mastercard Inc : MasterCard Announces New Appointments for IndoChina, Thailand and Myanmar (4-Traders)
Mastercard Inc (NYSE:MA) today formally announced the appointment of Antonio Corro as country manager of Thailand and Myanmar, and Arn Vogels as country manager of IndoChina (Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia). Based in Bangkok, Corro will focus on driving the country’s expansion strategy for Thailand and Myanmar. Corro will also continue to lead Mastercard Inc (NYSE:MA)’s growth in Myanmar by leveraging opportunities in both the retail and tourism sectors through Myanmar’s close links with Thailand.

American Express Targets New Card for Video Game Players (LowCards)
In an effort to attract new and younger consumers, American Express Company (NYSE:AXP) has launched a line of prepaid cards in association with the online video game, League of Legends. The new prepaid cards contain illustrations of League of Legends characters, and are accompanied by a rewards program for Riot Games, the makers of League of Legends. There is no cost to play this very popular game, but players purchase “Riot Points” in order to gain access to characters and additional features, both of which help improve their gamesmanship.

4 Best Credit Cards That Offer Free Extended Warranty In 2013 (DailyMarkets)
Why is it that your expensive smartphone or fancy watch breaks the very day after the manufacturer’s warranty expires? Maybe you’re afraid of this happening to you, so you purchase a pricey extended warranty to give you peace of mind. But, is it really worth spending huge amounts on an extended warranty when access to a free extended warranty is sitting in your wallet? I’m going to let you in on something: Visa Inc (NYSE:V), Mastercard Inc (NYSE:MA), Discover Financial Services (NYSE:DFS), and American Express Company (NYSE:AXP) cards offer warranty protection for items purchased with their credit cards – and it’s free!

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