7 Useless Products You Never Should’ve Bought

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You’ve probably been guilty of buying some useless products you never should’ve bought. We’ve all been guilty of getting caught up in the hype of a new product, and been guilty of letting ourselves be swayed by some glamorous commercial or late-night informercial touting some new product that seems invaluable; something we just couldn’t live without (and usually only for three easy payments of $19.99!).

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Indeed, the latter such commercials are the most dangerous, coming at a time when our sleep-deprived minds are at their most susceptible moments; and by susceptible, I mean susceptible to buying crummy, useless products you never should’ve bought.

My previous list of 12 Everyday Products You’ve Been Using Completely Wrong, proves that in some cases, companies aren’t marketing their products to their fullest potential and allowing consumers to see some of the not-so-obvious benefits of them.

That does not apply to the following items. The following items were marketed so expertly that every possible use of the item was shown and magnified by 1.1 million times its actual usefulness. In short, you were tricked; we were all tricked. Tricked into buying these less than useful items that we thought would change our lives.

What are these useless products you never should’ve bought (or should hide your wallet from if you ever come across)? Read on to find out.

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