7 Most Expensive Pencils In the World

The 7 Most Expensive Pencils In the World and their prices may surprise you, because when asked what the least expensive office or school supply ever would be, most people would say a pencil.

If wielders of the writing instrument aren’t afraid of mistakes and are willing to pay hundreds for a quality pen (instead of pencil), they may also check out the 6 Most Expensive Pens In the World. But for now, let’s focus on pencils.

Nejron Photo/Shutterstock.com

Nejron Photo/Shutterstock.com

Today, the typical number 2 yellow pencil costs an average of 10 cents. That’s much cheaper than the 7 Most Expensive Pencils In the World, but if writers and sketchers, or even school kids aspiring to impress their classmates, are willing to pay (quite a bit) more for a high quality writing instrument, read on.

7. Montblanc Oscar Wilde Limited Edition Writers Series Mechanical Pencil – $475.

This pencil, a Montblanc like many others on this list, is encased in beautiful black and white swirl marble. It sold at an auction home for the price of 4,750 number 2 pencils.


6. Smythson Viceroy Pencil – $540.

The Smythson Viceroy Pencil is solid sterling silver, and one of the highest quality items to add to a stationery collection. It comes in a plush and elegant pen case and even has the option to be personalized with special lettering (for an additional cost, of course).It’s a must in a collection, like all of the 7 Most Expensive Pencils In the World.