7 Easiest Fruit To Draw

The 7 easiest fruit to draw, might well be the ones that are good for you , think grape, cherry, banana, pear, peach, apple and orange. We think of drawing as an art form and the artist’s use of line to make a picture. It’s one of the most primitive skills humans possess, from cave man to Michelangelo, from graffiti to architectural designs, from artists sketches to your children’s drawing.

By definition, drawing can be also expanded to include the use of color, shading and other elements in order to create something beautiful and meaningful. And what could be more precious than having those colorful drawings at the refrigerator door, and thinking that your little one might become an artist one day? So, selecting the 7 easiest fruits to draw it’s a good start for adults and their little ones, to sharpen their drawing skills. 

Drawing hasn’t changed much, it appeared back in 30.000 to 10.000 B.C when drawings were found on walls of caves in France and Spain. I don’t even think fruits were part of their diet back then, but those ancient drawings were created with scratching carving and painting with primitive tools. But nothing seems so colorful as a variety of fruits in a fruit basket ready to be drawn, but what are the 7 easiest fruit to draw? Drawing has significant meaning to artists because it represents a way of expressing their feelings for something as well as for some person or group of people regardless whether they love them or hate them. So I wonder if people would choose their favorite fruits to draw or they would use stick with the easiest ones. 

Africa Studio/Shutterstock.com

Africa Studio/Shutterstock.com

A lot of famous artists used to draw fruits in order to express some feelings and emotions. There are a number of paintings, but among most famous are Flowers and Fruit by Balthasar Van Der Ast, A Still Life Of Apples by Lessur Ury, A Still Life with a Bawl of Fruit by Antoine Vollon and Momentary Lapse of Reason by Anthony J. Waichulis. So, age doesn’t seem to be a factor when it comes to drawing as my daughter loves drawing, my husband’s grandma went to Art school at 60 years of age to learn how to draw, and according to my husband, the only talent I have is to draw. Well, I am not good at drawing fruits as I prefer drawing faces but perhaps watching these videos of the 7 easiest ways to draw I might look at the fruits in my fruit basket in a different way. And how would you start drawing? 

Fruits are easy to draw for beginners because of their simple shapes and forms. Some are more complicated for drawing than others, that’s why we created the list of 7 easiest fruit to draw in order to help you find your starting point. Actually we recently published an article about 6 Easiest Countries to Draw and you can draw some of these countries in less than 30 seconds. 

When it comes to drawing, the professional artists don’t look for something easy to draw, it doesn’t matter to them whether an apple is easy to draw or is hard, they start making lines with their hand and invest so much time until they are satisfied with the result they got. For professional artists, there is no big difference between these fruits, if you want something to look good you must invest time as well as effort and love. This way the result will be impeccable.