7 Business Lessons From Breaking Bad

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There are a lot of business lessons we can learn from Breaking Bad. By all accounts, Breaking Bad was a highly successful TV show. Critically acclaimed and praised as being arguably the best TV drama in history, the 5 seasons depicting the ups and downs of high school chemistry teacher turned drug dealer Walter White captivated audiences worldwide. But apart from providing us with quality TV action, Breaking Bad can also help teach us a thing or two about business. Earlier this week we published an article about life changing business lessons.

Following, we would like to present you with a list we have compiled of the top 7 business moves you can learn from Breaking Bad. Read below to see what makes Walter White a great entrepreneur.

No. 7: Develop a unique product

If you’re thinking about penetrating a market where countless other providers are offering similar products or services, you have to come up with something unique that will draw attention. For White, this unique product was blue crystal meth.

Business Lessons From Breaking Bad

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No. 6: Offer value

The single most important thing any budding entrepreneur should understand is that, in order to achieve success, you have to offer something of value. In the beginning of the series, it can be easily observed how White was adamant about offering high quality meth, which helped him separate himself from his competitors.

No. 5: Build your network

Now, you may have a great product to offer, but without a network to support, you’re not going to achieve much. Walter used Jessie as well as other connections he made in the meth industry to help push his product around and generate him higher and higher profits. In most business lines distribution and sales are more important than the quality of the product you are offering.

No. 4: Follow your passion

They say that if you love what you do, you’ll never have to work a day in your life. If you’re thinking about opening a business, try to do it in a field you are really passionate about. For White, his love for chemistry led him to building a meth empire. What can your passion bring for you?

No.3: It’s not going to be easy

Starting your own business when you’ve never had anything to do with entrepreneurship before is going to be a long and arduous process. Obstacles are bound to occur along the way, but, as Walter did in the series, you have to be willing and able to overcome them.

No. 2: Create your brand

After a few months in the industry, Walter White began working on his alter ego – Heisenberg – a name that went perfectly with the picture of a guy wearing a hat, glasses, and a moustache. So what can we learn from this? That branding is of utmost importance, regardless of your particular industry.

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