7 Best Cooking YouTube Channels To Watch

If you are wondering what the best cooking YouTube channels to watch are, we have great news for all desperate housewives around the world. This list of the 7 best cooking YouTube channels to watch will teach every rookie to cook like a pro. There is a hidden Martha Stewart in all of you, waiting to be discovered.

How many times your pie crust fell apart after baking, or was too crumbly and sticky? How many times it crossed your mind that it is easier to smash an atom than a potato? If your answer is too many, you’re on the right page. Our mission is not just to teach you cooking basics, but to give you the knowledge that one day – if it’s used well – could make you a Michelin star chef.

Before we proceed to the fun part, let’s take a look at some of the kitchen ground rules regarding safety and hygiene. If not used, knives and sharp objects should be in a drawer. Hanging jewelry and loose clothes are not desirable, as well as scattered hair. However, some of our ladies-channel hosts on this list are little sensitive and less strict when it comes to their hairdos. But, we don’t blame them, after all, they are in front of the camera. Back to the safety – the fire extinguisher is a must have. Ultimately, it can stop a disaster. In the end, washing the hands before cooking should be a routine, right? The last but not least rule is a good kitchen organization. Sorting and storing cooking-related things in a way to be easily found when needed as well as a use of see-through containers are essential for every cook that wants to be fast and productive.

7 Best Cooking YouTube Channels To Watch

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So, if you feel like doing more than just preparing a healthy meal for you and your family, these channels can be your secret weapon. They will spice up your existing cooking knowledge and kitchen practices, so the pursuing of culinary career will be easy as pie. In case you already are a chef, a new and exciting idea is always welcome. After all, you live and learn. To get the whole picture when it comes to this occupation, we suggest you check out the BLS website and gather information regarding income, job outlook, and work environment.

Being so easy to follow, the videos on these channels are going to save you time with a variety of kitchen tricks and tips. In that way, there is a plenty of time to relax, and the great way to do it is with a guidance of our yogis – hosts of the 7 Best Yoga YouTube Channels to Watch.

Our primary goal was to examine videos on following cooking channels for the purpose of bringing you the best cooking YouTube channels to watch this year. With it, we covered various cuisines and kitchen practices as well as those with a sweet tooth, since more than half channels on this list are specialized in making cakes and cookies that definitely will tickle their palate. The channels with the most subscribers and views are taken into consideration. Finally, after crunching some numbers, they are lined up starting with the channel that has the lowest to the one with the highest score.

Therefore, you can be your personal chef, and everything needed is just one of cooking YouTube channels from our list, a decent kitchen and a pinch of creativity. Oops, we forgot the ingredients. So, grab the basket and off to the market, because one can’t function properly on an empty stomach. But first, take a quick look at our list of best cooking YouTube channels to watch – there are some great ideas for lunch that are just waiting for you.