7 Bad Habits that Age You Beyond Your Years

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Bad Habits that Age You: We all have our collections of bad habits we are trying to break or limit, but some of them are more important to crack down on than others. That’s because some of them are doing just about the worst thing we could be doing to ourselves: limiting our lifespans through bad habits that age you prematurely.

It is no news that things like not exercising, or eating too much junk food don’t contribute to your health, and increase the threat of diseases. But on top of that, they make your ‘RealAge’, that is the actual age of your body, older. Usually women are more concerned about aging, skin care and health. However, modern societies have become more aware of bad habits which affect health, increasing the focus on well-being. Therefore men have also started to put more attention to these facts that might affect elderly well-being.

Moreover, bad habits not only decrease your overall life quality, but also compromise your daily performance. Regarding personal productivity, a highly valued element of fast-paced modern societies, some bad habits can turn off your working capacity and decrease your efficiency. The work market moves fast, and job positions do not tolerate low-productivity employees for long these days. We have made a list featuring 7 Habits That Kill Your Productivity to shed more light on those specific bad habits. Be sure to check them out (and check them off your list if possible). Some working habits such as multi-tasking, constant procrastination, or having too much to take on are some of the things that by the end of the day, decrease your productivity and lower your efficiency.

Taking into account some of the factors which according to the RealAge test age you faster, we have compiled a list featuring seven bad habits that age you and make your body older. Starting from the most evident habits up to some of the most heinous bad habit practices, if you want to age like a Rolling Stone, check out this list and start avoiding these bad habits that age you.

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