5 Stocks to Buy According to GuardCap Asset Management

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In this article, we discuss 5 stocks to buy according to GuardCap Asset Management. If you want to read our detailed analysis of the hedge fund’s history, investment philosophy, and its performance, go directly to 10 Stocks to Buy According to GuardCap Asset Management.

5. Mastercard Incorporated (NYSE:MA)

GuardCap Asset Management’s Stake Value: $600,486,000
Percentage of GuardCap Asset Management’s 13F Portfolio: 7.86%
Number of Hedge Fund Holders: 136

Mastercard Incorporated (NYSE:MA), a technology business, provides transaction processing and other payment-related products and services in the US and internationally. Mastercard Incorporated (NYSE:MA) has featured on GuardCap Asset Management’s portfolio since the first quarter of 2018. According to the 13F filings for the first quarter of 2022, the hedge fund held over 1.68 million shares of Mastercard Incorporated (NYSE:MA), amounting to more than $600.49 million and representing 7.86% of the fund’s portfolio value.

On May 17, Goldman Sachs initiated coverage of Mastercard Incorporated (NYSE:MA), retaining a Buy rating and a price objective of $460, representing a 38% upside. Following a tumultuous start to 2022, the analyst remained upbeat about the payments sector, noting that the companies are well-positioned to manage a low-growth, inflationary environment.

By the end of the first quarter of 2022, Insider Monkey identified 136 hedge funds that had stakes in Mastercard Incorporated (NYSE:MA). The total value of these stakes was over $15.44 billion.

Here is what Ensemble Capital had to say about Mastercard Incorporated (NYSE:MA) in its first-quarter 2022 investor letter:

“Mastercard (7.6% weight in the Fund): This company literally earns a percent based fee on dollars spent. When inflation increases the prices of goods across the economy, Mastercard’s revenue increases along with inflation. Thus, the company in some respects is perfectly hedged against inflation with their revenue accelerating automatically when inflation surges.”

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