5 States with the Lowest Diabetes Rates in America

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Below you can find our rankings for the 5 states with the lowest diabetes rates in America. These states have managed to control what is a growing epidemic and if other states don’t follow suit, this could cause chaos within the US. Please see our methodology and data sources here.

5. Minnesota: 7.6%

Females in Minnesota have a much lower rate of diabetes than the US average, which is why the state ranks so highly in our list. In fact, Minnesota beats the US average on nearly every demographic, bar Native Americans.

4. Vermont: 7.3%

Vermont has an extensive Diabetes Program, which is the basis for having a low rate of diabetes. In the demographic of above 65 years old, Vermont outperforms the US by 5.9 percentage points which is amazing.

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3. South Dakota: 6.9%

South Dakota didn’t top our list, but it did have an excellent performance in the age 40-64 category, outperforming the US average by 4.9%.

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2. Montana: 6.9%

There are two metrics which help Montana in its ranking, the first one is of people with education less than high school, where it outperforms the national average by 5.5 percentage points and the second is for age category 65+, where it outperforms the national average by 5.6 percentage points.

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