5 Least Expensive Cities in the World

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What are the least expensive cities in the world? Costs of living are slowly but steadily increasing worldwide, but there are still major differences from one corner of the world to the other. Previously we have covered a list of the Most Expensive Countries in the World. Even though cost of living is supposed to reflect the local purchasing power, it is undeniable that some cities are still considerably more affordable than others.

Following, we would like to present you with a list we have compiled of the top 5 least expensive cities in the world, based on the latest Worldwide Cost of Living Index released by the Economist. During their survey, experts at the Economist evaluated 131 cities across the globe, according to a series of price indicators, from cost of groceries and real estate to cinema tickets and a cup of coffee. This list is especially important for some senior citizens who haven’t saved enough money for their retirement and who are still healthy. By temporarily moving to one of these least expensive cities in the world they can not only save a lot of money but also improve the quality of their living. One can hire a cook or a maid for $30-40 per month in India. How many other retirees have access to these comforts?

Anyway, you probably have an idea which big cities will show up in our list so let’s get to it. Here are the most affordable places in the world:

No. 5: Kathmandu, Nepal

Monthly rent for an 85 square meter apartment in the center of Kathmandu averages around $300. Utilities, including heating, gas, and electricity bills, for 2 persons would add an additional $30 per month. Looking to eat out? A dinner for two in a local pub shouldn’t cost more than $11.

Least Expensive Cities In the World

No. 4: Damascus, Syria

One liter or 1 quarter of a gallon of gas in Damascus is a mere $0.33 cents, one of the cheapest prices in the world. Other prices in Damascus also tend to be on the lower side. For example, one cinema ticket is around $2 while dinner for two in a local pub shouldn’t set you back more than $12. We should note that Damascus isn’t a safe place at the moment because of the civil war.

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