5 Largest Stock Exchanges In The World

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Below we listed the 5 largest stock exchanges in the world. For our discussion and methodology please see this article.

5. The Euronext Stock Exchange

Market Cap; $4.82 trillion

Originated from the Amsterdam Stock Exchange which is the first exchange of the world, Euronext Stock Exchange is a multiple state stock exchange. Also known as the European Stock Exchange, Euronext is located in Amsterdam, the Netherlands and is operating in Portugal, Belgium, France, and Ireland. Currently, this exchange has over 1,300 companies listed.

Euronet Worldwide, Inc. (NASDAQ:EEFT)

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4. The Shanghai Stock Exchange

Market Cap; $4.9 trillion

Currently the largest stock exchange in Asia as well as in China, the Shanghai Stock Exchange has made its way to the global scene. While it was established in 1866, it was not until mid-1990 that its modern foundation was laid. With over 1,100 companies listed on this exchange, it has two different shares types – A and B. According to their official website, Shares “A” trades in the Chinese Yuan currency while Shares “B” trades in United States Dollars.

Largest Stock Exchanges in Asia by Volume

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