5 Largest Spice Companies in the World

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In this article we discuss the 5 largest spice companies in the world. If you want to read our detailed analysis of the spice industry, go directly to the 15 Largest Spice Companies in the World.

5. Everest

The brand is owned by the company Everest Food Products Pvt Ltd, which is an Indian manufacturer, distributor and exporter of ground spices and spice mixtures. Everest Food Products is a subsidiary of Everest Industries Limited (NSE: EVERESTIND.NS) The company was established in 1981 by Vadilal Shah and is headquartered in Mumbai, India. Everest has more than 45 different variants of pure spices and spice mixes. The brand distributes its products to over 58 countries around the world, such as Australia, Singapore, Africa, UAE, UK, and the US. The most popular spices of the brand include the Tandoori Chicken Masala, Fish Curry Masala, and dried mango. The reported revenue by the company in 2020 was $176.48 million.



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