5 Largest IT Services Companies in the World

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In this article, we are going to list the 5 largest IT services companies in the world. For detailed coverage of this topic and a more comprehensive coverage please take a look at the 15 largest IT services companies in the world.

5. Oracle (NYSE: ORCL)

Revenue: $39.8 billion

Market Cap: $189.6 billion

Assets: $96.7 billion

Employees: 136,000

Headquarters: Redwood, California

Oracle is one of the biggest tech companies globally and the company is most famous for its ERP systems and services. Enterprise Resource Planning is a software used by organizations to manage daily business activities such as accounting, project management, procurement, risk management, and supply chain operations. Oracle offers other IT consulting services such as cloud support, AI, IoT, blockchain, and human interface technologies.

Oracle ORCL

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