5 Fastest-Growing Engineering Fields

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In this article we mention 5 fastest-growing engineering fields. We discuss the engineering sector, its scope and some of the hottest engineering fields in 15 fastest-growing engineering fields.

5. Cloud Engineering

Cloud engineering involves the application of engineering principles to cloud computing. To put it simply, the cloud is basically a storage unit where the data is actually stored on internet servers instead of your hard drives. This makes data available for anyone who wants to access it provided that the data owner allows him/her. With a surge in demand for online business and digitization of data, more and more companies especially the IT ones, are moving their critical network infrastructure to cloud networks. This enables them to keep their data safe from any cyber-attack and retrieve data whenever required. Many companies such as Microsoft, Google, Amazon, etc. provide cloud hosting services to billions of people around the world.

A Cloud engineer is a highly paid person with an average salary of $130,000 and a maximum salary of $250,000. The cloud engineering and computing market is expected to grow to $832 billion by 2025.

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