5 Easiest Fences To Install Yourself

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Desperado, you’ve been out ridin’ fences for far too long so check out the 5 easiest fences to install yourself. I have a friend who sings that song so beautifully; he’s a little 28-year-old cherub/full grown man.  It sounds something like this, in case you are not familiar with the song. When I was repeatedly listening to it to sooth my mind–I began to wonder, what the hell is “riding fences?” Are they his fences? What’s desperado’s game here? Then through some thorough internet cowboy research I learned what I will now impart: To ‘ride fences’ is to ride one’s horse along a far-reaching stretch of fencing that encloses a cattle ranch–usually in the American West, or cowboy country with the purpose of fence upkeep, namely, evaluating its integrity and maintaining it.

Well, they’re ya go. However, if you choose, like I do, to imagine desperado atop a vast length of fence, his horse off in the distance, waving his hat in the air as the sunsets behind him–who can really blame you. It’s like the old saying: riding fences is in the eye of the beholder.  Good neighbors make good fence riders, or something. Still, neighbors aside, fences are important. They are the moat around your castle. Anyone who’s seen Game of Thrones or the animated version of Disney’s The Sword in the Stone can tell you, moats are kind of a big deal.

5 Easiest Fences To Install Yourself

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If you want to secure your home with a fence, or land moat, here you can see 5 easiest fences to install yourself. Installing fence in your home will give your house a modern look and it will help you keep your life more private and secure.  The white picket American dream sure to keep your neighbors’ four-wheelers off your annuals and give you something to lean on… as you scream at them to stop riding four wheelers around the cul-de-sac.

Fences will keep your home safer from burglars. Thieves will think of it as an obstacle and in many cases, they avoid houses with fences. Even though this may be the main reason to install a fence in your yard, you should also think about your privacy.  Also, if you have children, the most important thing is their safety, with installing a fence you will keep them inside the yard where they will be more secure. This way you can prevent a potential accident.

Of course, there are a lot of people who feel secure without their fences, but they want to upgrade the house aesthetic with a beautiful fence. Not all of these 5 easiest fences to install yourself will provide you the security and privacy you need, but they will help you choose which one you can DIY. Also, if you are interested in this kind of DIY projects you can see these 17 Easiest and Quickest DIY Projects for Your Home, as well. 

There are a lot of different types of fences, like wood, iron, bamboo, chain link and also electric fences. A lot of countries have some kind of ‘traditional’ style when it comes to yard fences. For example, we all know that in America wood fences are the most popular. Seeing a lot of similar houses with the same fence and front yard makes the neighborhood look beautiful and neat. With this you can see that the people living in this area are taking care of their private lives and they tend to make living in this neighborhood more secure.

Calling a professional carpenter can be expensive. That is why we wanted to give you a list of 5 easiest fences to install yourself. In order to build some of the fences, you will need some tools. The necessary tools will vary from a fence to fence, but for most of them, you will need a shovel, digger, hammer, pliers, measuring tape, screws, nails, and brush and a circular saw.  If you want maximum security and are building an iron fence, you will need some more tools like a drill, welding machine, and grinder.

In order to finish the job successfully, you need to have a previous experience with these tools. Even though these fences are the easiest to build, this doesn’t mean you don’t need previous experience using the tools!

In order to create the list, we collected and sorted information about the fences that require the least time, minimum tools for their installing and offer at least some decent security. We used HomeAdvisor as our starting point and primary source. 

Now, without further ado we present you 5 easiest fences to install yourself:

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