5 Easiest Federal Law Enforcement Jobs to Get

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Finding a job within the federal law enforcement doesn’t always have to be so hard and with the help of this list you can find out more about the easiest federal law enforcement jobs to get. Many dream to live in a safer world and with a job within the federal law enforcement, he/she can truly make a change. If you have a strong desire to be of service to your country and your countrymen, to protect lives and property, you should definitely consider taking a job within this sector. Of course, the money earned is also something that attracts many people to these kinds of jobs. If you want to know more about jobs for police officers in a private sector, make sure that you check out our article on 7 Jobs for Police Officers in the Private Sector.

Federal law enforcement jobs include: I.C.E agents, secret service agents, naval criminal investigative service agents, deputy U.S. marshal, border patrol agents, customs inspectors, corrections officers, etc. One size does not fit all when it comes to law enforcement jobs and you need to make sure to find the right fit for you. With a lot of room for specialization, you need to decide which field of criminology interests you the most and of course, are you ready to work and improve your skills in order to get the job. Law enforcement jobs come at three “levels”: local, state and federal law enforcement. At the local level, law enforcement jobs usually start with patrol and then individuals can advance to positions such as criminal investigators, SWAT or other special units. Uniformed patrols, usually called state troopers, are often responsible for traffic enforcement in their respective states but they can also move within their state to fulfill various positions. Law enforcement jobs on a federal level mean better jobs and better salaries. However, the stakes are much higher at a federal level, meaning that qualifications are higher as well.

Easiest Federal Law Enforcement Jobs to Get

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Federal agencies expect the best candidates which means, among other things, that you need to have an excellent education (the more education you have, the better chance you have to get the job), clean record and good health (for more information about health conditions which might cause you to get disqualified, check out Criminal Justice Programs Online) and physical shape. In addition, each candidate has to pass an extensive background investigation, pre-employment drug screen and a comprehensive physical examination. Yes, it sounds hard (and it really is) to get the federal law enforcement job, but this list will help you choose the easiest ones to get.

In order to compile this list of 5 easiest federal law enforcement jobs to get, I’ve mostly consulted various forums that deal with job opportunities within the federal law enforcement sector. These include: Yahoo, Quora, Federal Soup forum and 911 job forum. I’ve singled out recommendations from these users and compiled this list. In case that a lot of people stated that certain job is hard to get, I replaced that profession with some other. Jobs are ranked according to the annual salary, from lowest to highest. However, don’t be fooled to think that you will not have to work hard and pass through the application process to get the jobs from this list of the easiest federal law enforcement jobs to get.

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