5 Countries With The Highest Air Travel Taxes In The World

Travel is not the cheapest thing in the world, and there is nothing new to learn it as well. However, some countries are making their “best” work in order to make traveling even more expensive and therefore, they use various air travel rates. Sometimes these taxes are shown on a booking site but sometimes they are added in after, making many travelers surprised after seeing the final cost.

Today, let’s get acquainted with five countries with the highest air travel taxes in the world. It is always good to know this information because it might help you out to plan your travel budget and avoid any unpleasant surprises! So, pack your bag, search for some great online hotel deals, and travel the world in a budget!

Austria – €35

The central European country Austria has begun using air travel taxes in 2010, among many other nations. However, Austria only has the departure tax which is relatively small – 35 Euros. Also, take notice that this fee is for in-Europe travel only, and those who need to fly outside of Europe are paying nearly $45 USD for departure taxes.

This tax had a tremendous benefit for Austria’s economy because government earns millions of dollars from it. However, there are a lot of criticisms of it as well, especially from the tourism sector.

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Germany – €42.18

Austria’s neighbor – Germany is another country with pretty big travel taxes. Probably because of this two country closeness, the tax system here is the same. People who are flying from European countries in Germany pay a little bit less than individuals who are getting to this country from other states. While if you are planning to travel here from the Middle East or Africa, be prepared to pay even more. Usually, the tax for travelers from non-European countries is $53 USD.

This fiscal policy, just like in Austria, has many critics as well, but for the country which is visited by 30 million people a year, this tax is one of the best ways to increase country’s treasury.

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Australia – $55 AUD

The third country with the highest tax tourists are paying is Australia. This country is the first in the list which includes its taxes to a traveler’s ticket price so that you won’t be shocked by extra, magically appear taxes there. However, the tax is real, and it helps Australia to gather a lot of cash. But this is the last good news we have for you today. The fee meets visitors with a charge equivalent to about $45.25 USD when leaving, and there is no chance to pay less for it.

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Fiji – $198.93 FJD

Relax and don’t be scared of this huge number – this is in Fiji’s national currency, which translates about just over $100 USD. However, it is still pretty much making Fiji’s air taxes the second biggest in the world.

Like many other countries with similar departure taxes, the Fiji government cites obligations to the cleanliness of the environment as the reason for such taxes for travelers. How the tax is used – another story, but around 2 million visitors a year are at least a bit helping this small island be cleaner and cherish their delicate eco-system.


Tie: The United States and the United Kingdom – ranging

Although departure taxes are not the highest in the world, other smaller taxes sum up to the honorable number one place of the most expensive travel fees in the world. For example, you might pay a fee for baggage at an airport in the United States, and that can cost $100 even on a budget airline. On the other hand, in the United Kingdom, travelers flying outside of Europe might pay over $200 as well, and that it pretty much. Both of these countries are one of the most visited in the world, so you can imagine how much both of these governments are earning with these taxes!