5 Companies Damaged By Social Media Blunders

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With the emergence of the digital age, social media platforms have a new-found importance in how corporations communicate with their customers. This communication doesn’t always have the intended result however, and thus, we’ve decided to reveal five companies damaged by social media blunder, rather than helped by their presence on social media.

The result of the rise in digital media are new positions in which people may be hired (and paid pretty well), to solely focus on social media throughout the day. The problem with this, however, is that many people have made the error of accidentally sending a tweet before proofreading it, or in some cases, sending out a message from a social media account of their company account when they thought it was in fact their personal account.

There are obviously a range of errors one can make on the internet, and to see the specifics, check out our list of the 10 Mistakes on Social Media that Can Harm You and Will Probably Get You Canned. For some of the situations on that list, it was not necessarily an individual blunder but rather a company marketing decision gone awry, or even a consumer spinoff of other planned advertisements.

Regardless of how the mistake was made, social media mistakes can truly impact the marketability of a company. While most of the businesses that made our rankings were able to bounce back, many will not, as these errors can go viral and take on a life of their own.

Now let’s take a look at five companies damaged by social media blunders.

5. NRA

This incident really gained attention due to its timing. On the morning after the horrific shootings occurred in Aurora, Colorado, the NRA tweeted:

“Good morning shooters. Happy Friday! Weekend plans?”

While the NRA took the quote down and claimed that an individual who was unaware of the events in Aurora was responsible for the tweet, the damage had been done. News of the tweet spread virally, and further damaged a brand already seen by many as insensitive.

5  companies damaged by social media blunders

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