5 Biggest Trucking Companies in the World

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In this article we are going to list the 5 biggest trucking companies in the world. For a detailed coverage of this topic and a more comprehensive list please head on over to the 15 biggest trucking companies in the world.

5. J. B. Hunt Transport Services (NASDAQ:JBHT)

  • Revenue (TTM): $9.637 billion
  • Net Income (TTM): $506.04 million
  • Market Capital: $15.50 billion
  • 1 year Trailing Total Return: 21.22%

JB Hunt Transport Services is another leading transportation and logistics company in North America that offers a variety of services for its customers throughout the Unites States, Canada and Mexico. The company primarily operates large semi-trailer trucks and has its headquarters in Lowell, Arkansas, United States. The company was founded in 1961 and grew to become the 80th largest trucking firm by 1983, which has now brought it to the top 15.

J.B. Hunt Earnings Report

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