5 Biggest Microfinance Companies in the United States

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In this article we are going to list the top 5 biggest microfinance companies in the United States. For a detailed coverage of this topic and a more comprehensive look, please take a look at the 13 biggest microfinance companies in the United States.

5. Kiva Microfunds

Loans disbursed: $1.4 Billion

Based in San Francisco, California, Kiva is an international nonprofit organization that provides services of microloan disbursal through crowdfunding. The founders of Kiva, Matt Flannery and Jessica Jackley, were inspired by Grameen Bank’s founder Muhammad Yunus at a Stanford Business School lecture. The company began as a small venture in the world of microfinance, with initial loans totaling $3500, to the total loan disbursal to now stand at a staggering $1.4 Billion. Today Kiva works with more than 300 microfinance institutions, social impact businesses, school, and nonprofit organizations around the world. Kiva lenders on average crowdfund $2.5 million in loans each week.

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