5 Biggest Hedge Funds in USA

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In this article, we discuss 5 of the biggest hedge funds in the USA. If you want to see more of the biggest hedge funds in the USA, go directly to 15 Biggest Hedge Funds in the USA.

5. Coatue Capital, L.L.C.

Assets Under Management: $73.3 billion

Coatue Capital, L.L.C. is a New York based fund that invests in public and private equity markets. Coatue Capital, L.L.C. also focuses on technology and does early stage venture and late stage venture investing. As of September 2022, Coatue Capital, L.L.C. has a 23 year track record and $24 billion deployed in private investments with its active private portfolio including more than 200 tech companies. According to SWFI, the fund has managed assets of $73.3 billion.

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