5 Best States for Golf Adventures

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If you’re a golfer looking to book a fantastic golf vacation where you can hit as many great golf courses during one trip as possible, then you’re probably wondering what the best states for golf are. If you find yourself chasing the escape that a great golf experience can provide as I do, then this list is definitely for you. Golf is a beautiful sport, and the prestige of these courses has provided the backdrop for The 8 Top Golfers In The World, Ever To Play The Game.

There are a bevy of factors that go into making a state a haven for golfers, the most important being accessibility and course quality. By looking at Golf Digest’s top 100 golf courses, I have generated this list based on the amount of Top 100 courses per state. There were some tough decisions, and how high these courses were ranked as well as their location factored into the final rankings.

Are you a golf fanatic? Someone who’s trying to decide where to take your next golfing adventure? Lets take a look at the best states for golf, and give your difficult decision a bit of a mulligan.


Top 100 Courses: 9 | Course Rankings (1,11,24,38,43,60,61,68)

Frequently overlooked as a golfer’s paradise, California boasts more top 100 public courses than any other state save for Hawaii. However, that’s not the only reason for this high ranking. Beautiful weather and great courses that span the entirety of the state guarantee a great golfing experience. Moreover, having perhaps the most famous public golf course in the world in Pebble Beach ~ a staple of the Golf Universe ~ adds a level of prestige to the golf available in California. Whether you prefer a secluded course or a view of the ocean as you play, California provides the best combination of course quality and variation in the United States.



Top 100 Courses: 8 | Course Rankings (3,6,12,16,28,49,63,66)

Home to the famous Bandon Dunes Resort, Oregon’s place on this list should come as no surprise. The resort alone is responsible for the top four courses the state has to offer. Yet Oregon provides much more than just this one location. A formerly private course, Pronghorn Club, became public three years ago and has become immensely popular. Designed by the legendary Jack Nicklaus, the wooded and mountainous terrain of the course represents everything that makes Oregon such a great destination for golfers.



Top 100 Courses: 8 | Course Rankings (13,23,45,65,69,72,73)

A common mistake people make when trying to figure out what the best states for golf are is putting too much emphasis on the weather. Yes, Michigan tends to be very cold, but you’ll definitely be able to find hundreds of days every year where the climate is just fine for golf. Moreover, Michigan actually has more 5 star courses than any other state, and its courses provide unique features, such as the use of fescue, a type of long grass normally associated with the British Open. Finally, Michigan is the home of Arcadia Bluffs, one of the most unique and prestigious course in the world. It boasts bunkers made out of sod with steep faces as well as holes surrounded by Dunes, creating a great golfing atmosphere.

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