5 Best Online Gifted Programs In America For Smart Kids

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The 5 Best Online Gifted Programs In America For Smart Kids came about reasonably after the onslaught of distant learning. What began as a sham of an education has evolved into many accredited coursework, for adults and children alike. It seems obvious that something targeting gifted kids would arise as the relatively few number of them would make local programs less economically feasable.

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Gifted education is a broad term for special practices, procedures, and theories used in the education of children who have been identified as having a high IQ.

National Association for Gifted Children says “that gifted and talented students in America make up approximately six percent of the total student population”. They are not just “bright”, they’re much more. We need gifted programs for those kids, because this difference from the norm for their age group means that the education program for gifted students should be modified for their needs.

Best Online Gifted Programs In America For Smart Kids

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According to National Surveys of Gifted Programs a few states are leaders in the gifted education field, based on the following: funding, identification practices, reporting, teacher preparation and funding. But a lot of other states provide little funding to local schools, leaving both funding and service delivery issues to local school districts.

Although recommendations by the US Department of Education are offered, gifted education is still not regulated on a federal level. As such, funding for services is not consistent from state to state. Students may be recognized as gifted or talented, but the level to which they receive resources can vary depending upon a district’s budget.

Some families can afford to pay private schools, weekend classes or summer coursework for their talented children.

Here is the list (in state orders) of University Services, Coursework & Degree Programs in Gifted and Talented Education in USA:

Gifted by State

National Association for Gifted Children (NAGC) and the Council of State Directors of Programs for the Gifted (CSDPG) conduct a survey of how states regulate and support programs for advanced students called State of the States in Gifted Education.

The majority of the information is posted on the NAGC website, but the full report is only available for purchase through their online bookstore.

Parents of gifted children usually make their individual education plan and try to find good education programs online. Sometimes parents of gifted learners can not afford private schools, summer education programs etc, so the online courses are the best solution for their smart kids. Here are some of the best online gifted programs in America for smart kids:

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