5 Best Furniture Companies in the World

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In this article we discuss the 5 best furniture companies in the world. If you want to read our detailed analysis of the furniture industry, go directly to 10 Best Furniture Companies in the World.

5. Nitori Holdings Co., Ltd. (OTC: NCLTY)

Revenue: $5.9 billion in 2020 via Forbes

Nitori Holdings Co., Ltd. is the largest furniture and home furnishing chain based in Japan. The company ranks 5th in our list of best furniture companies in the world. It was founded in 1967 and its headquarters are located in Tokyo. It deals with the production and sale of interior goods and furniture through its group companies. Its product line includes beddings, carpets, rugs, mats, interior items, curtains, kitchenware, tableware, cookware, daily living items, bath ware, beds, sofas, living room storage, tables, chairs, storage racks, cupboards, bookshelves, office furniture, study desks, lighting products, and kitchen units. As of 2020, Nitori Holdings own more than 400 stores in Japan, and 50 stores internationally in United States, China, and Taiwan. In the US, its products are sold under the brand name Aki-Home. The company is also engaged in the logistics business, the advertising business, and the insurance agency business.

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