30 Easy Things to Draw When You are Bored

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Creativity and art have nothing to do with professionalism. One doesn’t have to be a professional artist to relish the idea or concept of creativity. The practice of scribbling or doodling integrated with creative and trendy ideas is ideal for fostering affirmative emotions.

As per ScienceDaily, artistic and creative activities increase the blood flow towards the prefrontal cortex, which is responsible for regulating our thoughts and emotions. It is also concerned with the emotional and motivational system, acting as a pathway towards the brain reward system. So whenever an individual indulges in an artistic endeavor like drawing, the prefrontal cortex of the brain gets activated, instigating feelings similar to reward.

Our Methodology

For our list of 30 things to draw when bored, we have scoured multiple sources to come up with a unique list. We would be using Pinterest as our primary source. Pinterest is a visual discovery engine used to find creative content and appreciate novel designs and illustrations put together by global artists. According to research, imagination and critical thinking are fostered through art. Drawing can be executed differently by different people; while some individuals prefer to sketch, others are fond of doodling aimlessly. Drawing, in general, is a rewarding process, keeping a person engaged and regaled. As per Harvard Health Blog,  doodling plays an important role in improving memory and in dealing with anxiety and stress. Doodling is an unconscious state between daydreaming and awareness, which becomes the source of creativity and new ideas. Doodling, like other forms of drawing, also plays a crucial role in fostering learning behaviors. 

With this context in mind, let’s now begin our list of 30 easy things to draw when bored.

 Easy Things to Draw When Bored

30. Musical Instrument

Drawing a musical instrument on a piece of paper can be an engaging activity. Choose your favorite musical instrument and doodle endearing floral patterns around it. You can also draw more than one musical instrument with appealing symbols that represent musical chords or tunes. 

29. Mystical Creatures

There are certain mystical creatures that don’t actually exist, but they are popular due to folklore and children’s storybooks. These mystical creatures include Santa Claus and unicorns. You can draw endearing images of both Santa Claus and Unicorn separately. You can color them accordingly and embellish the background with vibrant colors to make the image attractive. 

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28. Dresses

Try drawing dresses of different cultures. Research about the wardrobe choices and the designs preferred in each culture. Also, research about the thread work or the kind of art preferred over the fabrics like Chinese mostly prefer kimonos with traditional art imprinted over it. Traditional art usually comprises floral thread work accompanied with dragon-like images. You can also make a scrapbook with a list of dresses worn by each culture. You can embellish the drawings with actual thread work or oil paints.

27. Shoes

Awaken the dormant shoe designer inside you and draw creative shoe designs. Mix and match different contemporary designs to create modern shoe flairs. Top up the designed shoes with trendy colors like neon or lavender. Adorn your drawings with tiny stickers or shiny beads.

26. Emojis

Draw your own customized emojis or the pre-existing ones on a piece of paper. Open the emoji keyboard present in your cellphone to get help with details, pick out your most used emojis and illustrate them neatly. Color them yellow, using other colors like red or blue for detailing.

25. Carbonated Drinks

Grab a can or a bottle of a carbonated drink of your choice. It can be coke or sprite, whatever interests you. Now, settle down and draw an image of the can or the bottle on a piece of paper. Eventually, color it with the help of paints or color pencils. 

24. Spongebob

Spongebob is a cartoon character who is a yellow sea sponge that works in Krusty Crab. He has a house shaped like a pineapple and is an appealing cartoon character to draw on paper. He is easy to draw, and drawing sponge bob will also bring back all the childhood memories of the time when you used to watch Spongebob, envying his enthusiasm. 

23. Spaceship

If you have mastered the art of illustrating shapes, then drawing a spaceship would be a piece of cake for you. Imagine that you need a pile of legos to create a spaceship. Bring this image into use for drawing a spaceship. You can also color the background black or blue, wreathed with stars or planets.  

22. Garden

Drawing an endearing image of a luscious garden with butterflies and flowers can never be a bad idea. You can add intricate details like a white-colored fence and a honeybee hive. Use your imagination to adorn the garden with colorful plants and maybe a water fountain that sits right in the middle of the garden. Bring your creativity into use and draw a beautiful garden. 

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21. Food Items

List down your favorite food items and search for their images online. Draw all your favorite food items in a row. Add eyes and a mouth to make it look comical.

20. Wall-E Art

Wall-E art comprises the machine which was the protagonist of the animated movie Wall-E. A cubic-shaped body with two mechanical eyes is a beginner’s favorite character to draw.

19. Mike Wazowski

Mike Wasowski is one of the main characters in Monsters. Inc. He is green-skinned, round-bodied, with a single huge eye and a big mouth that covers his entire body. If you are an avid fan of animated movies, then you will thoroughly enjoy the drawing process. He is quite easy to draw and an interesting character, considering his physical features and body structure.

18. Deep-Sea

Draw numerous sea horses, starfishes, sharks, colorful corals, and seashells enmeshed in the blue background of the deep-sea world. You can add more marine animals of your choice to further improve the aesthetics of the drawing.

17. Genie drawing

Do you remember the genie from Aladdin? He has quite an easy body structure to draw. You can draw the Genie and then color him blue to enhance the vibrancy and originality of the character.

16. Cartoon Animals

It is easy to draw cartoon animals once you master the art of drawing shapes. One just needs to figure out the pattern in which the shapes might go together to draw a certain cartoon animal.

15. Anatomy

Anatomical figures might be complex to draw, but some of the organs like the heart and kidney might are much easier. You can also align the human bones together to draw a skeleton. This would keep you busy for quite some time. You can also draw a hat over the head of the skeleton, or you can get the skeleton dressed formally in a suit and a tie to give the image a comical appearance. 

14. Faces and Expressions

Draw an oval or round shape, similar to a face. Then add eyes, a nose, ears, and a mouth. Keep experimenting with different shapes of the eyes and mouth, drawing and trialing a wide range of expressions and faces.

13. Wonders of the World

If you are interested in historical places, then beginning with the wonders of the world is a wise choice. You can draw anything from the Taj Mahal to the Eiffel tower. Also, they are quite easy to draw as compared to other complex landscapes.

12. Mountains

There are different types of mountains; some are luscious and flat, while others are covered with snow caps throughout the year. Choose your favorite kind of mountains and adorn them with a blue sky or neighboring small huts.

11. Groot

Groot is an endearing fictional character that repeatedly appears in many Marvel comics and movies. Groot can be drawn easily by anyone, and it is an intriguing character to draw if you are a Marvel fan and enjoy creating comical figures

10. Doodles

Doodling is a kind of freestyle art where you can draw anything while hanging between the thread of consciousness and imagination. Doodling is an excellent form of art to unwind, and as there is no anxiety associated with the end result, it is ideal for relieving stress as well. Online stores like Amazon.com, Inc. (NASDAQ: AMZN), Etsy, Inc. (NASDAQ: ETSY), eBay Inc. (NASDAQ:EBAY), or Alibaba Group Holding Limited (NYSE: BABA) provide some of the best items for doodling. 

9. Mandalas

Mandala is a kind of art that includes drawing a huge circle and then dividing it into symmetric quadrants that are further adorned with proportioned designs and patterns. Mandalas are scientifically known to relieve stress and induce feelings of relaxation. 

8. Paisley Design

If you have had the chance to see the Arabic henna art, you would know what Paisley’s design is. It is a design similar to a teardrop-shaped motif which is adorned with simple details and art.

7. Leaves

There are many shapes in which a leaf can be drawn. Research on the different shapes in which a leaf exists and draw them together in a row. Paint or color them with hues of green or yellow. You can also add intricate details like veins into the drawing to give it a more meticulous look.

6. Building or Architectural Structures

Draw big infrastructures, skyscrapers, or buildings, arranging them symmetrically. Adorn them with glass windows and small doors.

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