3 Best Ivy League Schools Ranked By Selectivity

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Below you can see our list of the 3 best Ivy League schools ranked by selectivity. For a more comprehensive list please see this article.

3. Princeton University

Acceptance rate in 2023: 5.6%

Acceptance rate in 2024: 6.8%

Princeton University is the only Ivy League school to have actually reduced the percentage of applicants admitted, decreasing by 1.2%. It was founded in 1746 and is the fourth oldest educational institution in the United States, thought it was only renamed as Princeton University fairly recently in 1896. It is one of the richest universities in the US and at a per student level, has the highest endowment in the United States. 68 Nobel Laureates, two U.S. Presidents and twelve U.S. Supreme Court Justices have attended Yale, 3 of which are currently still on the bench.

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