25 Countries Where Samsung’s Galaxy Smartphones Have The Largest Market Share

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What are the countries where Samsung’s Galaxy smartphones have the largest market share? Samsung is the most popular brand in the world which manufactures technology and is especially known for its mobile phones. You probably can’t find any homes without some product manufactured by Samsung whether it’s a fridge, TV, computer components, DVD/Blue-ray player or something else.a

The company has huge global influence and it is settled in almost every country in the world. It has increased its world market share of 21.3% from 2015 to 22.4% in 2016 and it currently holds the first position. The reason behind Samsung’s increasing market share is that it has launched very interesting products like S7 and S7 Edge for people who have a lot of money and it also adapted its policies to accommodate countries that have lower purchasing power. Samsung’s launch of J edition is a testament to this.

 25 Countries Where Samsung Galaxy Smartphones Have The Largest Market Share

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On the heels of  Samsung is Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) which has an 11.8% of global market share. We have already written about the Top Countries with Largest iPhone Market Share and now it is time to analyze the countries where Samsung’s mobile phones have the biggest market share.

We tried to compile this list of countries where Samsung’s Galaxy smartphones have the largest market share, by doing a Google search but were frustrated with the fact most of the sites compare iOS market share to Android market share. When we searched for Samsung’s country by country market share, again we were presented iOS vs. Android market shares in each country. There were a few sources that tried to sell comprehensive research reports that answer this question, but we were in no mood to pay hundreds of dollars. So, we decided to use  App Brain which lists device by device market share in each individual country. Unfortunately, it didn’t provide the data in a spreadsheet, so we had to manually type in each country to calculate Samsung’s market share by aggregating the data.

We obtained the list of the most populous countries from United Nations and identified countries that have a population of at least 20 million. This means our list excluded smaller countries like Greece, Belgium, or Serbia. We have used information from Trading Economics to show you how each country deals with economics and how healthy the market is.

By the way, we noticed that Samsung has been losing significant market share in China, world’s most populous country. According to our calculations using App Brain’s data, Samsung’s Galaxy smartphones have a 5.3% market share in China. Samsung’s market share in India, 14.8%, is also relatively low, though much higher than its market share in China. Here are the 25 countries where Samsung’s Galaxy smartphones have the largest market share:

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