25 Best Dividend Stocks for Retirement

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Investors looking to transition towards a stable, income generating stock portfolio as they enter their retirement years should give serious consideration to any of the 25 Best Dividend Stocks for Retirement on this list.

This collection of stocks, which features unheralded names like Tanger Factory Outlet Centers, Inc. (NYSE:SKT) and prominent ones like The Coca-Cola Company (NYSE:KO), have been some of the most reliable dividend-paying companies on the market for decades. Each of them have been making dividend payments for at least the last 25 years. All of these stocks pay out quality annual yields as well, of at least 3% as of the end of October.

Dividend stocks are ideal for older investors who have built themselves a large portfolio that no longer needs to rely on high-growth stocks. A sizable portfolio churning out dividend payments at regular intervals can greatly enhance a retiree’s income and perfectly supplement their pension. And it does so without digging into the family nest egg that will be passed on to kin (you know, so the kids don’t whine that you’re living life too well off their future dime).

Of course it’s not just retirement-focused investors that should be looking to good dividend stocks as pillars of their portfolios. Younger investors who won’t be as reliant on dividend payments as a source of income can instead have them reinvested in more shares automatically, enjoying what billionaire Warren Buffett called the biggest reason for his incredible success: the power of compound interest. Even modest amounts of money that compounds over very long stretches of time eventually turns into immense wealth. They’re the perfect stocks to buy young and hold for 40 or 50 years.

Warren Buffett

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Investors do have to pay tax on their dividend payments, which ranges between 10% and just under 40% in the U.S, depending on income bracket and marital status (sorry single people, but your tax rate accelerates the fastest). Canadian investors of U.S dividend stocks will be hit particularly hard, as the Canadian government collects a tax rate of as high as 46% on dividend payments from foreign stocks. And unfortunately, dividend payments that are automatically reinvested as more shares also get taxed at the same rate in both countries. The exception to this are stock dividends, which are already paid out as shares by the company.

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25. Meredith Corporation (NYSE:MDP)

Sector/Industry: Consumer Discretionary / Publishing

Number of Years Paying Dividends: 25

Current Dividend/Payouts Per Year: $0.5450 / 4

Annual Dividend Yield: 4.23%

Dividend Last Increased On: 2-27-18

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