25 Best Countries in the World

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As per the HDI report 2020, data from almost 189 nations was put together to rank 25 countries from most developed to least developed nations. In 2020, the leading ranks in the best countries report were procured by countries that had an HDI score close to 1. 1 is the highest HDI score. Highly developed countries have an HDI score greater than 0.8, while the low developed countries usually have an HDI score that goes below 0.55. The data procured through HDI is very beneficial for understanding the development and progression schemata of developed, developing, and underdeveloped countries.

Our Methodology

For our list of the 25 best countries in the world, we will be using a subjective methodology, considering data from internet forums like Reddit, Quora, etc., to read thousands of comments from individuals that reside in different parts of the world. We will also be consulting the UN’s Human Development Index, World Happiness Report, and metrics like infrastructure, healthcare, education, GDP, and quality of life, to rank the countries.

The dimensions to calculate Human Development Index (HDI) for the countries include the life expectancy index, education index, and Gross National Income index. All these dimensions are considered thoroughly before ranking the countries and allocating them an HDI score. It is important to note that where countries have received the same HDI value, other factors such as social security, access to amenities, and infrastructure development have been considered to assign a rank. 

With this context and the global situation in mind, let’s now begin our list of the 25 best countries in the world.

25 Best Countries in the World

25. Spain

HDI: 0.904

Spain secures the 25th  position in our list of the 25 best countries in the world. Many independent kingdoms with their own distinct cultures united to form present-day Spain. The culture of modern-day Spain is a rich blend of all those cultures brought by the ancient kingdoms. Spain has achieved an impressive GNI per capita of $41,173 and 83.6 years as life expectancy at birth. These factors have contributed in helping Spain improve the quality of life for its citizens.

24. Luxembourg

HDI: 0.916

Luxembourg has been ranked as the 24th best country in the world. It is known as one of the wealthiest countries of the European Union, with its financial sector being the largest contributor to the country’s economy. Luxembourg has also achieved the eighth position in the World Happiness Index Report.

23. South Korea

HDI: 0.916

South Korea is the 23rd best country in the world. The country has been quite resilient to global challenges. With a life expectancy of 83 years and expected years of schooling as 16.5, South Korea has been seen making improvements in multiple categories, including social life. Almost 80 percent of the small and medium enterprise owners in South Korea start a business to find work and support themselves. 

22. Slovenia

HDI: 0.917

Slovenia stands at the 22nd position. It is one of the richest Balkan countries. It is an economically developed country with most of its GDP associated with foreign trades. The major trade partners of Slovenia are the European Union States. Slovenia also ranked as the fifth safest country in the world

21. Liechtenstein

HDI: 0.919

Liechtenstein comes in at the 21st position in our list of the 25 best countries in the world. The country has a GNI per capita of $131,032, which has allowed its residents to have high living standards.

20. Japan

HDI: 0.919

Japan is the 20th best country on our list. It is one of the world’s most literate and technologically advanced nations. It is a country that is both culturally rich and technologically advanced. It is a forward-thinking nation that is emerging victorious despite the challenges it faced being on the losing side of the war.

19. Israel

HDI: 0.919

Israel received an HDI score of 0.919, allowing it to secure the 19th position in our list. While Israel has been consistently ranked poorly in the global peace index report, it has worked on other aspects such as GDP per capita and social support. These factors have allowed the country to have a GNI per capita of $40,187.

18. Austria

HDI: 0.922

The 18th position in the best countries report is secured by Austria. It achieved the 10th position in regards to the quality of life and social purpose in the happiness index.

17. United States

HDI: 0.926

The United States secures the 17th position. Overall progress is observed in the ranking of the United States in various categories; however, the slow progress of the country could be accredited to deeply divisive politics and a weak justice system. Although it is one of the top countries that accept plenty of immigrants every year, the deteriorating healthcare system and the resistance against the whole vaccination process have made economic progress a perpetual challenge.

16. Canada

HDI: 0.929

Canada secures the 16th rank in our list of best counties in the world. It ranks well in both quality of life and social purpose subcategories. It accepts the most number of immigrants every year and is known for practicing equal rights. It is one of the best countries considering racial equality and transparency. The Canadian citizens appear to be satisfied with the political stability and social environment.

15. New Zealand

HDI: 0.931

New Zealand is a rapidly developing country that stands at rank 15. It is considered one of the safest countries, considering the crime rate and violence. It is also one of the most resilient countries when it comes to business and entrepreneurship.

14. Belgium

HDI: 0.931

Belgium is ranked as the 14th best country in our list of the 25 best countries. It has consecutively stood at rank 14th with a brilliant ranking in subcategories like social purpose, quality of life, entrepreneurship, and openness for business. Progressing during a global pandemic is a difficult business, but Belgium has emerged victorious by keeping its economy steady despite challenges.

13. United Kingdom

HDI: 0.932

The United Kingdom stands at 13th rank for the second consecutive year. It is one of the most developed international states with a considerable political, cultural, scientific, and economic influence over the world. London is regarded as the financial capital of the UK, with massive economical influence.

12. Singapore

HDI: 0.938

The 12th best country in the world is Singapore. It is one of the four economic tigers of Asia. Singapore is considered one of the richest countries in the world with a triumphant market economy, favorable business environment, absence of corruption, and loyal tax policies.

11. Finland

HDI: 0.938

Finland is the 11th best country in the world. It is the happiest country in the world with an excellent education and free healthcare system. The crime rate in Finland is significantly low, as shown in the Global Peace Index Report, which has contributed to an improved quality of life.

10. Denmark

HDI: 0.940

Denmark ranks 10th in our list of the best countries. Denmark is one of the best countries for both quality of life and social purpose. These two elements are pivotal, considering the needs and requirements of the modern world.  

9. Netherlands

HDI: 0.944

Netherland has secured the 9th rank in our list of the 25 best countries in the world. It is one of the best countries when it comes to the provision of equal rights and has remarkable policies to ensure gender and racial equality. Most of the development in the Netherlands is associated with its water sources as three main Eastern rivers fall here.

8. Australia

HDI: 0.944

Australia has moved to the eighth position. It is one of the most developed countries with a GNI per capita of 48,085 due to the exports and functioning of the service sector. The life expectancy in Australia is high due to the avid participation of adults in sports-related activities.

7. Sweden

HDI: 0.945

At the 7th position, we have Sweden. The life expectancy in Sweden is high at 82.8 years, and the country has developed a free healthcare and education system. Despite its military roots, Sweden has stayed neutral in war conditions with the least level of political unrest and violence observed. It is one of the most developed countries in the world.

6. Germany

HDI: 0.947

Germany is the 6th best country in the world, climbing up a rank this year. Germany provides free university education to everyone, even non-citizens. The greater part of it is covered with green land, and it is one of the best countries when it comes to women’s rights. It is the 7th happiest country in the world.

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