2010 Census Results: Top 10 States With Largest Percentage Increase in Population

The Census Bureau announced the partial 2010 Census results today. The population in the United States increased by 9.7% since 2000, making the total number living in the U.S. today 309 million. Considering there are around 11 million unauthorized illegal immigrants living in America, the number of legal US residents is 298 million (See the list of states illegal immigrants are invading). The population has been increasing the most in the west and south (except in Mississippi and Lousiana) and declining in the Northeast. Since 2000, the population of Michigan declined by 0.6%. We mentioned in an earlier article that per capita income in Michigan declined since 2000 (See the list of states with the worst per capita income growth rates). The population increased by 0.4% in Rhode Island, 1.4% in Louisiana, 1.6% in Ohio, 2.1% in New York, 2.5% in West Virginia, 2.8% in Vermont, 3.1% in Massachusetts, 3.3% in Illinois, and 3.4% in Pennsylvania. It seems like either states with the most economic hardship or the most wealth have the smallest gains in population. Here are the states with the largest percentage increase in population since 2000:

10. South Carolina: 15.3% increase, population of 4.6 million

9. Colorado: 16.9% increase, population of 5.0 million

8. Florida: 17.6% increase, population of 18.8 million

7. Georgia: 18.3% increase, population of 9.7 million

6. North Carolina: 18.5% increase, population of 9.5 million

5. Texas: 20.6% increase, population of 25.1 million

4. Idaho: 21.1% increase, population of 1.6 million

3. Utah: 23.8% increase, population of 2.8 million

2. Arizona: 24.6% increase, population of 6.4 million

1. Nevada: 35.1% increase, population of 2.7 million