20 Best Selling Beer Brands in America

Because we love beer, and we want to know what other beer lover’s like, we offer you the 20 Best Selling Beer Brands in America. Beer can always be a good excuse to hang out with friends, to take a break, to meet new people, or to start a fight, why not?. But for experts (try asking a German and an English guy what’s an expert, if you dare), choosing a beer it’s not simply buying the cheapest one, which is what I would do. It’s deciding if you want a light beer, a soft beer or bitter one, just to name some sorts. And among these decisions, marketing makes its big appearance. Some of the most popular brands don’t have such good press amongst experts, yet publicity has put them on the podium. And a good balance between beer knowledge and extremely effective marketing is how many companies have coronated themselves as the best selling companies in the world. If you’re interested in knowing them, you should check  The 10 Largest Beer Brewing Companies In The World we’ve elaborated.

Of course there’s another aspect to take into account: what people like the most. Usually tastes varies from place to place, and it’s no wonder that pretty much all the beers on the list are Light Lager or American Adjunct Lager. After all, that indicates Americans know what they want: they want Lagers, and also tones and tones of beer. The selling numbers are monstrous up to the point of surpassing the 15.000 million sells only by considering the first five brands together! Which is like giving each adult and kid in the US, 5 beers, one for each best selling brand. But hey! Kids shouldn’t be drinking alcohol. Why don’t we keep their beers and make a toast with our favorite beer? Do you know which you like the most? Have you decided the beer brand for today’s lunch?
Americans had made their own decisions, and here, in the 20 Best Selling Beer Brands in America.
Let’s see…