15 Most Expensive Items You Can Buy on Amazon

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Among millions of products, we have selected a few that rank among the 15 most expensive items you can buy on Amazon. As the leader in online retail, there are hardly any items that cannot be found on Amazon, as the company has expanded from selling products by itself to offering a marketplace for smaller retailers to find buyers.

Indeed, Amazon.com, Inc. (NASDAQ:AMZN) has come a long way since it was founded in 1995 by Jeff Bezos, a former employee of New York-based hedge fund, D.E. Shaw & Co. Even though, it was launched as a store that only sold books at the beginning, Bezos knew from the start that Amazon would become an “everything store”. As a fun historical side-note, when the company was just starting out, its first employees used to pack orders on the floor and Jeff Bezos suggested buying knee-pads to make the process easier, until an employee suggested getting tables instead.

With a market share of over 40%, Seattle-based Amazon.com, Inc. (NASDAQ:AMZN) currently commands the online retail market in the U.S and most Western countries. With an estimated gross merchandise volume of over $250 billion and over $300 million worth of goods sold every day, according to some calculations, Amazon must ensure that it can satisfy the needs of its customers, hence it has a very large inventory, which includes everything from paper towels to huge TV sets and even industrial machinery. You will find some of these in our list of the 15 most expensive items you can buy on Amazon.

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Amazon has over 479 million products and to buy one item of each one of them, one would need $12.86 billion, according to calculations done by a Switzerland-based computer scientist. This represents an average price of roughly $27 per item. Moreover, as Amazon is constantly expanding into new markets, such as grocery retail, where it already has Amazon Pantry in several countries and has recently bought the Whole Foods supermarket chain in the U.S, it will further expand its product offering. In addition, many smaller retailers have chosen to list their products on Amazon’s marketplace, as the company provides all the required infrastructure, has lots of traffic and even offers additional services such as storage and shipping.

While the majority of items sold on Amazon represent day-to-day stuff that most customers need at some point, there are also some items that are rare, or even unique and could be on the market for years before they find a buyer. Usually such things are sold by individuals or small companies that specialize in antiquities or memorabilia and they can fetch anywhere from thousands to millions of dollars. Amazon is full of such items, from old furniture to rare paintings, to baseball memorabilia signed by well-known players. There are also items listed for huge amounts of money which aren’t really exceptional and their price represents either a mistake by the seller or a joke (or wishful thinking). For example, at one point someone listed a pair of Adidas running sneakers for over $886 billion. What made that listing even more funny was the $4.99 shipping fee.

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However, for this article we have selected expensive items that are not expensive because they are old, unique or can attract the attention of a collector willing to pay a hefty sum (we have done that in a previous list of the 10 most expensive items on Amazon). The products in this list are expensive because of the complexity of their manufacturing, or because of the usability that they can provide to their owners. So, if you’ve got some money lying around and aren’t sure what to do with it, this list might provide some interesting ideas.

Now then, let’s proceed to the list of the 15 most expensive items you can buy on Amazon, beginning on the next page.

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