15 Easiest Online Degrees to Get a Job With

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Online learning has seen a significant growth for the last ten years. Even before the coronavirus pandemic, the value of online education was projected to exceed $350 billion by the year of 2025.

Let’s start our list of 15 easiest online degrees to get a job with, starting with number 15:


15. Education

Annual Salary For Child Care Center Directors (2018): $44,986

Length of School: 2 years (60-63 credits)

Example Courses:

  • Introduction to the teaching profession
  • Psychology of childhood
  • Teaching with technology
  • Introduction to special education
  • Early childhood development
  • Mathematics for teachers

According the Bureau of Labor Statistics, between 2016 and 2026 more than 50,000 new jobs will be opened in this field. If you choose this associate degree, you can either get a job with it, or can use it as a preliminary training to a bachelor degree. Child care center directors control the administrative tasks of preschools, day care centers, among others.


14. Accounting

Annual Salary For Financial Clerks (2018):  $45,000

Length of School: 2 years (60-72 credits)

Example Courses:

  • Principles of accounting
  • Payroll accounting
  • Income tax accounting
  • Spreadsheet software
  • Principles of management

You will learn lots of subjects in this field, and this knowledge will help you to choose among numerous jobs at professional accounting associations. After becoming a little bit more senior, you will get benefits, such as trainings.


13. English

Annual Media Salary For Teachers (2018): $60,320

Length of School: 2 years (60-70 credits)

Example Courses:

  • English reading
  • Writing
  • Grammatical rules
  • Teaching techniques

These skills will enable you to teach English at schools, as well as continue learning in order to gain your bachelor degree in education.


12. General Studies

Annual Median Salary For Operations Manager: $66,125

Length of School: 2 years (60-72 credits)

Example Courses:

  • Oral communications
  • Social and behavioral sciences
  • Addiction studies
  • Computer literacy
  • Natural and physical sciences
  • Critical thinking in the profession

Students will be familiar with subjects, like social science, arts and humanities and communications. You will learn how to analyze societal problems, research methodologies; as well as how to apply problem-solving and critical thinking.

11. Nursing

Annual Median Salary For a Registered Nurse: $74,000

Length of School: 2 years (60-70 credits)

Example Courses:

  • Microbiology
  • Contemporary issues of pharmacology
  • Bridge to professional nursing
  • Community and population-focused nursing practice for RNs
  • Policy and politics: leading and managing health care
  • Nursing informatics

Up on the list of the easiest online degrees to get a job with, nursing stands on the eleventh spot. The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts over 430,000 new positions to open between 2016 and 2026 for registered nurses. It’s partly because the large number of ageing population, that need nursing in the near future. As for the health care occupation, BLS expects around 2.3 million new positions to open. Therefore, if you feel like taking nursing up as a profession, don’t hesitate, it’s your turn now!



10. History

Annual Median Salary for a Writer: $63,200

Length of School: 4 years (120 credits)

Example courses:

  • Studies in European history
  • World civilization
  • Making of the West
  • American national government
  • Urban and suburban history
  • Slavery in the Americas

An now let’s start checking out the easiest online BA degrees! With getting skills in writing, research and analytics, you will be able to interpret either primary or secondary sources. After graduation you take up a job in writing, history, journalism, politics,  administration,  government and business. If you want to be a writer, you can make content in variety of media, such as movies, blogs, ads plays or books.

9. Accounting

Annual Median Salary for Accountants and Auditors : $99,900

Length of School: 4 years (120 credits)

Example courses:

  • Principles of accounting
  • Internal auditing
  • Applied microeconomics for business
  • Business law and ethics
  • Strategic planning

Your online accounting program will comprise income tax accounting, business finance, an auditing survey, accounting ethics, fraud auditing and nonprofit accounting. This degree will enable you to prepare financial statements, business transactions, among others.


8. Sociology

Annual Median Salary for a Market Research Analyst: $109,290

Length of School: 4 years (120 credits)

Example courses:

  • Gender studies
  • Social statistics
  • Environmental sociology
  • Race and ethnicity
  • Urban sociology
  • Social change

When deciding to learn sociology, you can choose between sociology or a Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science in sociology, as both of them put emphasis on different field. A Bachelor of Arts will teach you liberal arts classes and will introduce you to the world of social services. While a Bachelor of Science comprises research methods, data analysis and statistics.


7. Business Administration

Annual Median Salary for a Human Resources Manager: $116,720

Length of School: 4 years (120-124 credits)

Example courses:

  • Financial accounting
  • Organizational behavior
  • Business law and ethics
  • Management policy and strategy
  • Business writing and communication
  • Human resources

Your main courses will be social sciences, marketing, office administration, business law and ethics, human resources, economics, accounting and finance, mathematics and philosophy. Popular industries and sectors of BA degrees in business are health care, consulting, finance, manufacturing, technology and hospitality.

6. Marketing

Annual Median Salary for Advertising, Promotions and Marketing Managers : $135,900

Length of School: 4 years (120-124 credits)

Example courses

  • Principles of marketing
  • Consumer behavior
  • International marketing
  • Statistics for marketers
  • Professional selling

This program offers business courses in accounting, statistics and economics, while developing skills, such as marketing management, marketing research, sales and marketing strategy. You will learn search engine optimization, analytics, finance and statistics.

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