13 Rappers Who Own Successful Clothing Lines

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Once they become famous, singers tend to try to spread their wings beyond making music, looking for new ways to express themselves and to make more money at the same time, so we’re now we’re going to take a look at 13 rappers who own successful clothing lines.

Since celebrities like wearing pretty clothes all the time and, most often than not, they’re not seen wearing the same thing over and over again, creating their own clothing lines seems to be the logical next step for a long list of musicians, actors and so on.

Helga Esteb / Shutterstock.com 13 Rappers Who Own Successful Clothing Lines

Helga Esteb / Shutterstock.com

Fashion soon becomes second nature for people who often have to dress to impress and who have constant contact with designers. With the right push from their agents, many celebrities become fashion designers whether they have talent on their own or not. If the latter is true, then designer help is easy to come by and so a new clothes collection is born.

These clothing lines are often accessible as far as price goes and they’re easily marketable via their producers’ fame. The rapper’s fanbase makes up the primary buyer, but often, if they’re good enough, other people will buy them too. It depends, of course, on the products they’re selling, on the prices and the quality of the brand.

Most often than not, you’ll notice that the clothes in these lines are sporty, so they’ll probably fit quite nicely with a pair of athletic footwear. You can check out the 11 most popular brands of sport shoes in a separate article we published a while back.

In order to create our listing for the day, we took a look at several popular websites mentioning clothing lines coming from rappers. Each mention earned the rapper one point. If two or more got the same points, they were set apart by the number of years passed since their lines hit the shops and whether or not the clothes were still selling. All in all, here are 13 rappers who own successful clothing lines.

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