12 Best Nature Documentaries on Hulu

If you are browsing through Hulu and not finding anything interesting to watch, why don’t you try one of our picks for the 12 best nature documentaries on Hulu?

While researching the topic for the article, I stumbled upon an interesting study related to nature documentaries. I think you will also find it entertaining. If you are a nature documentary lover, then you probably know that the BBC is putting out some amazing documentaries and documentary series focused on nature and wildlife. One of their most successful recent projects was a nature documentary series titled Planet Earth. If you regularly follow our lists, you may remember that we mentioned the series when we said that it took 5 years to shoot and that those 5 years produced only 11 hours of the program. After the success of the original series, the BBC released a follow-up titled Planet Earth II. Somewhere along the way, they decided to do a study in order to find out how people react to watching nature documentaries.

The study took place in multiple countries and the methodology was the following: people would watch from one of five video clips; one featuring drama, one featuring news, one control video and two clips from Planet Earth II. The study was conducted with a hypothesis that nature documentaries (like Planet Earth II) make people feel better and help reduce stress and negativity. The results that came back were pretty encouraging. They showed that change in people’s emotions was directly influenced by the content they were watching. Most importantly for the BBC, the study confirmed its hypothesis and proved that nature documentaries do have a positive influence on people.

You may think that was just a marketing stunt, and it probably was that as well, but that doesn’t mean there is no truth to the results. Try it for yourself. When you are feeling down, watch a nature documentary and see how you feel after. But, make sure to pick one showing cute animals or amazing landscapes and not the ones talking about suicidal lemmings. If you are currently stuck browsing Netflix instead of Hulu, make sure to check out the 11 Best Nature Documentaries on Netflix as well.

12 Best Nature Documentaries on Hulu


A joint venture of entertainment powerhouses Walt Disney Co (NYSE:DIS), Comcast Corporation (NASDAQ:CMCSA), and Twenty-First Century Fox Inc (NASDAQ:FOX), Hulu was founded in 2006. Time Warner Inc (NYSE:TWXnow also owns a 10% stake in the venture, and each company provides loads of their original programming and assets to the streaming platform. Hulu also produces its own original programming. The service has both free and paid options.

In order to come up with the list of the 12 Best Nature Documentaries on Hulu, we turned to Something To Stream, which offers a list of content that is available for streaming on Hulu. We went through the documentaries listed there and compiled those that were related to nature and wildlife. Each documentary was then checked for its IMDb rating and those that had the highest rating were assembled on our list. Check it out beginning on the next page.