11 Most Successful Indie Games of All Time

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Which are the most successful indie games of all time?

Thanks to modern technology, a lot of gamers around the world have access to indie games and developers. A few decades ago this wouldn’t be possible, but now we get to enjoy the product of others who are passionate enough to create a game despite multiple restraints. A lot of the AAA titles we enjoy today were once indie games as well with their developers relatively unknown. This list showcases games that have proven themselves both financially and critically.

One of the things that games can take advantage of is the use of digital platforms. Games can now be available through paying for them online and downloading them. This lessens the amount of money needed to make a profit from creating a video game as there is no longer a need for a physical release. There are extremes however, as some games prove too expensive for their worth, while others are worth every penny you spend.  If you’re a console gamer, then you should check out the 10 best PS4 and Xbox games for the money.

Most Successful Indie Games of All Time

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For this list of most successful indie games of all time, we take into account both the financial success of a video game as well as its critical acclaim, a similar method people use to rate films. All of the games on this list are available through the platform Steam, which is why we can use statistics websites such as Steam Spy to get the information on how many copies of each game have been purchased. The more units sold, the higher the amount of money a video game company earns.

For the other metric, we take into account how good the reviews are for each game. While there are many review articles and videos available online, we have the website Metacritic that compiles reviews and weighs them accordingly. This gives us a more accurate rating of each video game. If multiple ratings are available, then we take the average of all of them. Now that we’ve settled that, let us head to the list of 11 most successful indie games of all time:

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