11 Most Popular Luxury Jewelry Brands In The World

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Known for their elegance, opulence and exquisite design, the 11 most popular luxury jewelry brands in the world have mesmerized the masses with their dazzling jewelry collections.

Luxury jewelry is a collection of fine jewelry made using high-quality diamond stones, gold, white gold, platinum, palladium, titanium, silver, or other precious stones of the highest grade. Different forms are also evolving, including but not limited to blackened gold, diamond beads, stones used in rough forms, crafty designs, etc.

These pieces are mostly worn by celebrities and eminent personalities. Chopard launched a new collection with superstar Rihanna. The 11 most popular luxury jewelry brands in the world have designed luxury jewelry for important celebrity functions, including coronations, famous weddings, and other high-end events held by famous personalities. Beautifully set, these ornamental pieces are inspired by nature and demonstrate the liveliness and spirit of animals and flowers.

Carlos andre Santos/Shutterstock.com

Carlos andre Santos/Shutterstock.com

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The gems and jewelry market is expected to be worth $442 billion by 2022. According to the American Psychological Association, luxury jewelry is purchased based on a combination of psychological, cultural and economic factors. Though it may cost you a great deal, doing so can boost self-esteem, social status, and also defines one’s personality. If you have the kind of skill to do so or simply want to dream big, don’t miss our list of the 10 Most Expensive Jewelry Brands.

Like many consumer goods, the jewelry market is also evolving with changing consumer preferences and trends. For example, the advent of online jewelry shopping and growing brand consciousness are two such emerging trends in jewelry shopping. Today the customer is not just looking for a unique piece, but also for an overall shopping experience. Interestingly, luxury jewelry is currently on the cusp of changing shopping habits. While some people still prefer to go out and shop in style in luxurious boutique stores, others like to browse online from the comfort of their homes.

According to a report by Deloitte, jewelry is one of the most sought after goods in the luxury products category, with one in every five consumers buying luxury jewelry. Watches and jewelry are the most purchased items in this category in emerging markets such as Russia and the UAE. Rising consumerism in emerging markets is also driving sales of luxury goods. However, the sale of luxury jewelry is impacted by economic and political conditions, as well as currency fluctuations. For example, 2016 saw a large fall in luxury Swiss watch exports, driven by weakness in Asian markets.

Starting on the next page, we have listed the 11 most popular luxury jewelry brands in the world based on the common choices between three websites: Globe Luxurie DecodeJewelry Info Place,  and Jewelry Trends, and then ranked them based on the number of stores they have, including boutiques and authorized retailers.

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