11 Most Important Historical Events That Changed The World Forever

In case you ever wondered what has shaped the world we live in today, we piled up some far-reaching milestones from time immemorial and narrowed it down to these 11 most important historical events that changed the world forever.

Some of the acts below were small, and some were big – nevertheless they made a world-changing impact – the first step that sets into motion a series of events that eventually culminated in a significant result. It’s like a domino effect, where the first domino knocks the second and thus every next domino in succession, consequently tearing all of them down, because of energy transferred by each impact. The same is with the butterfly effect- seemingly small thing such as the flap of the butterfly’s wing, in let’s say Guatemala, can be the initial spark for the hurricane in Japan. It sounds ridiculous, but it’s a scientific concept used in the Chaos Theory and science of chaos, where surprises and the unpredictable thing are under the microscope. Thus, phenomena like brain states, the stock market or weather are an open book. So, whether a little change in the air pressure caused by butterfly can escalate into Hurricane Katrina or not, the point is clear – even small actions or decisions can have unexpected consequences.

11 Most Important Historical Events That Changed The World Forever


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But, when talking about real events that molded our world, and not some hearsay versions of assumed actions and history legends and myths, a certain level of accuracy and veracity is required – that’s why we consulted the Encyclopedia Britannica and collected much-needed facts. But, before that we compiled a list of those events that were most important. To do it right, since there are so many of them and not every event is equally important, we checked out already existing rankings on various websites, such as Listovative and Owlcation. We searched for answers on Quora, as well, to get the picture when it comes to the public opinion on this subject. So, we chose and subsequently lined up most important ones, according to the number of their mentions in reviewed lists. When the result was equal, events shared the same place on the list, additionally aligned from the oldest to the most recent one. Nevertheless, we are starting with the least, and ending with the most important one.

So, choose to click Next, and experience the consequences of your action – you will not regret it!

Let’s see our list of most important historical events that changed the world forever.