11 Fastest Growing Blue Collar Jobs

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4. Solar photovoltaic installers

Projected growth: 24.3

Average salary: 40,020

Solar photovoltaic (PV) installers, assemble, install, or maintain solar panel systems on roofs or other structures. Future growth of almost 25 percent is driven by booming PV market which enables millions of Americans to use a renewable source of energy in a cheap and efficient way.

Those who decide to take a career in PV sector should be ready to travel to job sites and work on call in cases of emergencies. High school diploma and on-the-job training which lasts up to 1 year are prerequisites for getting PV jobs. Also, some installers expand their knowledge by taking courses at technical schools or community colleges, or by entering training in an apprenticeship program.

Expectedly, sunniest states in the US Hawaii, New Mexico, and Arizona have the greatest number of job openings for PV installers, while these blue collars earn the most in the following three states: Hawaii (50,740), Massachusetts (48,920), and New Years (44,380)

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