11 Biggest Fast Food Franchises In The World In 2017

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The 11 biggest fast food franchises in the world in 2017 are known not only for serving delicious and super yummy affordable food to its customers but are also being innovative in the food they serve and the way they serve. These companies have a huge geographical footprint, competitive food menus, and leading brand names. You can probably guess that companies like McDonalds Corporation (NYSE:MCD), Chipotle Mexican Grill, Inc. (NYSE:CMG), The Wendy’s Company (NASDAQ:WEN), Yum! Brands, Inc.(NYSE:YUM), and Restaurant Brands International Inc. (NYSE:QSR) are in this list, but can you guess the three biggest fast food franchises in the World in correct order? I bet you can’t.

Fast food literally means quickly serving food that is produced on a large scale. Fast food franchise business is the fastest growing segment of the restaurant industry and is largely stealing market share from the traditional restaurants.

The fast food market can be segmented into chicken, burger/sandwich, Asian/Latin American food, pizza/pasta, seafood, and others. The U.S. QSR pizza category is large and fragmented. From 2006 through 2016, the U.S. QSR pizza category has grown from $33.1 billion to $35.8 billion and is the second-largest category.

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Growing health awareness amongst people could be a possible cause of concern for the fast food industry. However, people have increasingly resorted to fast food as it appears to be the most convenient option in today’s fast-paced world. Growing urbanization has immensely fascinated consumers towards fast food especially for young adults, working professionals, and families. Moreover, technology is set to pave the way how fast food industry will function in an app- and the tech-driven world. Veg-centric food, hybrid food, healthy fast food, “brunchfast” could be the upcoming trends in the fast food industry to watch for.

The 11 biggest fast food franchises in the world in 2017 have evolved over time both in terms of restaurant concepts and menu choices. Though taste, price, and quality are the primary drivers of the fast food market, today customers are also fretting about an experience. Many leading fast food joints like Starbucks are focusing on this area and are trying to create unique experiences for its customer.

According to Franchisehelp.com, the U.S. is the largest fast food market with more than 200,000 fast food restaurants and 50 million Americans eating at one of them every single day. The global fast food market is expected to reach above $690 billion in 2022 and is anticipated to grow at more than 4% CAGR between 2017 and 2022.

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