11 Best Countries to Make Money Fast

11. Oman

Score: -56 points;

HSBC Ranking: 11 (10 points);

Word Bank Doing Business ranking: 66 (-66 points);

Oman’s dependence on skilled foreign labor has turned this country into a big expat hub. Although the government started the policy of ‘Omanisation,’ which requires employers to hire expats only for the positions that can’t be filled by the local experts, the expat job market in Oman is still very promising and dynamic. Most expats work in the petroleum, IT and banking sectors, which guarantee high salaries and good career advancement opportunities. In spite of the booming economy, Oman is not a particularly good place for starting a business, at least when compared to European countries and the United States. Now, let’s see what else we have on the list of best countries to make money fast.

11 Best Countries to Make Money Fast

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