11 Best Cheap Drones With Camera For Beginners And Kids

9. Blomiky JXD 510G FPV

Price: $129.99
Flight Time: 6 to 10 min

Besides having an attractive appearance, JXD 510G is praised for its durability and flight performance. If you are not ready to part with more than $100 and you like the look of this drone, then there is a less powerful version that comes without FPV.

8. NightHawk DM007

Price: $119.00
Flight Time: 6-8 min

If you are only interested in shooting photos and recording videos with your drone, then there is no better drone for you. The camera is considered to be better than in those who are a lot more expensive. Sadly, it lacks some other functions to be considered an overall good drone. The flight time can vary, but most of the drones in this price range offer FPV, and NightHawk DM007 can’t offer the same.