10 Technologies of the Future 2020

10. Improved security architecture

If you’ve read the tech news pages in the past few months, we’re sure you must have noticed all the security breaches Internet of Things (IoT) devices encounter. Most of these problems stem from the faulty security of these devices, as manufacturers seem to completely ignore the fact that they connect to the Internet, so they are instantly vulnerable to attacks.

The situation has become extremely bad in recent years, with IoT devices becoming infected by various trojans with the purpose of making them a part of botnets to boost the power of the next Distributed Denial of Service attack. One white hat hacker went as far as to write his own efficient trojan with the sole purpose of shutting down the open doors which made those same devices vulnerable in the first place.

Security specialists are almost certain that the day the government imposes rules regarding IoT security are fast-approaching and that the industry will need to come up with some guidelines to better secure these devices.