10 Most Reliable Cell Phones To Buy Today

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The 10 most reliable cell phones to buy today may be the difference between life and death in a dire situation. When you trust a device that may or may not decide it has a mind of its own just when you need it the most, you can never be safe enough. Unlike the devices you can see in the 10 most sold cell phones in America in 2015, these phones take the extra step or two to ensure they can handle a beating, whether it be by extreme temperatures, or the rocks you hit on your way down to the bottom of the cliff you fell from. These phones will be more than eager to dial 911 for you after being dropped into mud. Most of them have an extended battery life and a few models even feature an extra loud speaker in case you can’t hear well or if there’s ambient sound near you.

However, have you ever wondered why there was never such a niche of phones in the first place. Why doesn’t durability come to mind when considering the newest and greatest phone? If you give it a moment you might realize that the phones we used in the past were already durable enough. You could probably throw your phone across a busy square and the device itself would not suffer much more than cosmetic damage. Broken screens, bricked OS’s and dislocated camera lenses are all things nobody ever had to worry about, especially when their phone had no camera and the screen was too small and indented to break.

Any Spiderman fan will tell you that with great power comes great responsibility. The way we currently use our phones like they are eternal and invincible seems kind of stupid, quite honestly. Going out into the mountain? People are ready to trust their phones for navigation and contact without any third parties. Going out for a drive in a non-populated and dangerous place? Still, your phone’s got you covered. Even so, batteries run out, software spits errors at you and technology is generally unpredictable in when and how it could turn rogue on you, especially with the complexity of today’s devices.

The ones you are about to see are made with all this in mind and more. When you’re heading out in rough conditions you need a tough phone which won’t go out dramatically the moment you need it most. Let’s take a look at a special group of devices – the ones with highest (actual) protection ratings, combined with reasonable prices – the 10 most reliable cell phones to buy today, in no particular order, as surveyed by PhoneArena, Android Authority users and PC World:

10. Samsung Galaxy S6 Active

Probably the only phone on this list that fits the widespread definition of a smartphone you could take with you on a daily basis and then also on a ten hour trek in the rain. The Galaxy S6 Active is dust and waterproof.

Most Reliable Cell Phones To Buy Today Samsung Galaxy S6 Active

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