10 Jobs that May Exist in the Future

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Have you ever wondered over the jobs that may exist in the future? Advances in technology have already opened up a wide array of possibilities which did not exist a few decades ago. The design of websites and apps are just two examples of common areas of employment today that few would have imagined when mobile devices and internet access existed only in the minds of a handful of visionaries.

In a previous list we took it upon ourselves to present you with the craziest job in the world and the 10 most stressful careers. Today, we would like to take another approach to this topic by imagining 10 jobs that may exist in the future. Whether these jobs will ever become a reality is uncertain, yet it is always worthwhile thinking about where society is headed. Some might be intrigued by these possible new career alternatives, while others may actually be inspired to push for their creation. Either way, a look at these new jobs that may exist in the future is bound to spark your interest.

As technology moves forward at an accelerated pace, the Canadian Scholarship Trust Plan created a series of job descriptions that we have integrated into our list. These jobs will supposedly be available as soon as 2030, meaning the future is not so distant. You might already have missed the chance to plan a career in the areas we will present, yet your children might already be headed towards one of these exciting new fields. Let’s take a closer look at what’s in store for them, as we ponder our list of the 10 jobs that may exist in the future.

10) Nostalgist

Nostalgists will be in charge of recreating the interior design of their clients’ favorite decades. Their most probable employers will be wealthy and elderly folks who are reminiscent of the past and wish to take a trip down memory lane every time they step into their living room or kitchen.

9) Tele-surgeon

Robots are already being employed to undertake surgical procedures, yet telesurgeons are still a thing of the future. These surgeons will utilize robots and computers in order to remotely conduct surgery, allowing patients in distant locations to receive the best possible treatment.

8) Rewilder

One of our present concerns is the destruction of our environment due to overpopulation and pollution. A rewilder will be the person tasked with reversing this trend, by tearing down man-made constructions such as fences or roads, in order to replant trees and plants. In other words, rewilders will be in charge of bringing back some nature to our concrete jungle.
tree in a field

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