10 High Security Prisons in the World You’ll Never Escape From

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If you ever want to look up some of the most dangerous criminals around today, then you might find them at one of the best high security prisons in the world. Designed to keep prisoners in at all costs, these facilities house the worst of the worst, so that they cannot cause any more harm to society. In order to remove the threat they pose to others, governments all around the world have constructed special prisons, typically in remote locations and with elevated security standards.

Those interested in this topic should check out our list of the 6 longest prison sentences ever given and see where the criminals involved ended up. They might just have landed in one of the best high security prisons in the world, which we will present you with shortly. Before we present you with the list however, we would like to point out some interesting facts. Despite its wealth and elevated level of human development, the United States has the highest rate of incarceration per capita in the world. Thus, it should come as little surprise to see several American facilities on this list, especially considering the elevated degree of high-profile criminals the US has seen.

The United States not only has the most high security prisons in the world, but also some of the best. Yet focusing only on crime and incarceration rates will get us nowhere, if we don’t also factor in the money poured into the prison system. After all, American citizens are quite concerned with how prisoners are treated, where they are housed, and how segregated they are from society, especially since so many people end up in jail every year.

We hope we have sparked your interest in this social phenomenon and that you enjoy the following list of the best high security prisons in the world today.

10. Qincheng Prison, China

More than 5,000 security guards are responsible for maintaining the peace at the Qincheng Prison in China. In addition to a huge security staff, the facility is located 3,000 feet above sea level and is surrounded by a deserted valley.

9. Tadmor Military Prison, Syria

The Syrian government constructed this prison with one goal in mind: making sure prisoners haven’t the slightest chance to escape. In order to achieve this, Tadmor Military Prison has only one entry point, which can only be accessed through an underground tunnel.

8. Camp Delta, United States

Located in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, the Camp Delta prison facility houses suspected terrorists, mainly belonging to Al-Qaeda. Security is impressive at Camp Delta: it is located on an American military base and there are up to 12 guards for each prisoner.

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