10 Good Paying Jobs for 18 Year Olds with No Experience Required

Being a teenager does not necessarily mean that you can’t have a job and be paid well, so this article brings you some good paying jobs for 18 year olds with no experience required. Click to skip ahead and see the top 5 good paying jobs for 18 year olds with experience.

The whole world has been affected by the current coronavirus pandemic and the United States of America are no exception. The current unemployment rate in the country is 7.9 percent, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. However, this should not be discouraging. If you are still a high school student, living with your parents and never had the need or a chance to work before, it does not have to mean that you should not search for a job and earn some money yourself. There are so many reasons to do that, and probably having money of your own and things to put in your CV are the most important. It is always good to know there are jobs that require no experience, but pay well. Although this seems like something impossible to find, there are jobs that are easy to get hired and they will provide great money for teenagers. Some of the jobs from the list can also be perfect jobs for 18 year olds with high school diploma, but they can suit those who are still students as well. It will also be quite useful to know that the article will also provide some great online jobs for 18 year olds with no experience, so if you want to earn money and stay at home at the same time, this list is perfect for you. There is also our list on 12 highest paying part-time jobs for 18 year olds, so make sure to check that one as well.

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It is also quite important to know where to look for jobs and how to make your search more productive. You should always strive to visit reliable job-offering websites and avoid those suspicious and not widely recognized. Many great public companies with high reputation actually own job websites, and you should always go for LinkedIn for example, owned by Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT), or Indeed and Glassdoor, both owned by Recruit Holdings Ltd. You can also use a great feature offered on Google, more precisely, Google for jobs. On the other side, this list as well gathered some of the ideas from these reliable sources, mostly Indeed and LinkedIn, using the search filters and searching only for those high paying jobs with no experience needed, as well as some previous Insider Monkey lists, which gave valuable insights. The final classification was made according to the hourly wage that was checked on PayScale.

So, let us see what are some good paying jobs for 18 year olds with no experience required.

10. Restaurant worker – $10-$15

There are many things you can do in restaurants, as you are not only limited to being a waiter or a waitress. You can work as a cleaner, dish washer, delivery person, or you can perform any other assistant jobs, depending on the way a restaurant functions. In that manner, the hourly pay also differs.

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9. Zookeeper – $12/hr

If you are an animal lover, this job is perfect for you. You will get to hang out with animals all day, feed them, take care of them, and maintain their places. Additionally, you will get to see all those children and their happy faces when they visit the ZOO. And, of course, the money is also great, considering the fact you do not need experience to perform the job.

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8. Customer Service Representative – $13/h

This is probably one of the most popular jobs for unqualified people, including teenagers without the work experience. It really depends on the company you work for, but basically, your job may consist of handling orders, providing support when customers are in need, and in general, solve the problems they might experience with certain products or services.

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7. Lifeguard – 14/hr

This is one of those jobs where you can successfully combine work and pleasure and it is definitely one of the best good paying jobs for 18 year olds with no experience required. Of course, the only pre-condition is that you are a good swimmer, but spending your time at a pool and making sure everyone is safe is definitely a way to go and earn some money.

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6. Online tutor – $15/hr

Being an online tutor is also a job that gives you a wide range of possibilities. It does not limit you to one thing – you can be an online tutor from various subjects, and of course, it is up to you to choose what suits you best. It may be a foreign language, or your own native language for foreigners, math, chemistry, or any other field you are good at. And, what is the best – it can be done from your home.

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