10 Fastest Growing Countries in the World by GDP for 2014

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The world never stops growing and nor do the 10 fastest growing countries in it by GDP for 2014. The growth of many countries on this list is thwarted by corruption and poverty. However each one you see here has hit a new high in its GDP growth last year, taking it farther up the worldwide rankings.

There are still many way underdeveloped places around the globe. While many of the world’s countries are blooming in their development and life can certainly be called civilized, a lot of the other countries still resemble the things we read in history books. These countries usually have severely underdeveloped economies, poor business relations with their neighbors and even worse heads of state. This makes the GDP for them very low and the GDP per capita even lower. However, this allows for sudden, big spurts in growth many of which end up on this list.


The type of growth we will be classifying is dependent on various factors, biggest of all being different economical stimuli and the building of new markets and relations.

This lost of the 10 fastest growing countries won’t show you the biggest countries or the one with the highest GDP, it will show the ones which have grown the most on average, compared to their initial status. A lot of the countries on the list are third-world but hopefully, their growth will go on to take them up the social status ladder.


10. Ethiopia

Seemingly left to its own device, Ethiopia has shown exceptional growth in 2014 mainly due to their development of coffee exporting. Agriculture remains one of the main economical factors in the country, while corruption keeps the GDP per capita from reflecting the overall.


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