10 Easiest Farm Crops to Grow

You’ll have very little to worry about when you start farming with the 10 easiest farm crops to grow. Farms are an important factor for any country’s economy. They are also one of the most profitable businesses one can have if done right. While there are numerous crops to choose from when starting, it’s important to know the details about each crop to ensure that one’s investments don’t end up going down the drain.

Knowing things such as how fast crops will yield, or the types of weather it thrives in can easily change the outcome of a farm’s prosperity. What’s great about easy to grow crops is that they are always in demand and are used by homes, businesses, restaurants, and the like. As long as you have good yield, you are almost assured that people will buy from the crops you grow. If you’re looking to go a bit further, you can also check the most expensive specialty crops in the world.

10 Easiest Farm Crops to Grow


It’s quite difficult to rank each crop as the easiest since there are numerous factors to consider. We took a look at seasons, growth rate, yield, popularity, and the like. We also scoured various websites to check on how frequently each of these crops is mentioned as the easiest. Knowing the general consensus can help us accurately rank the easiest farm crops to grow.

Do take into account that you have to adjust depending on the type of land and weather your area has to make the most out of your crops. Always do additional research to ensure that your investment does not go to waste. Without any further delay, let’s learn more about the 10 easiest farm crops to grow: