10 Biggest Data Breaches of All Time

10. Rambler

When: 2014

Number of accounts affected: 98 million

If you’re not familiar with Rambler, the number 10 in our list of biggest data breaches of all time, that’s ok, because this isn’t an English website, but a Russian one, mostly used by those living in Russia and the surrounding countries. Rambler.ru provides search, news, email and advertising tools, so it’s pretty much a local version of Yahoo if you will. It competes against the likes of Yandex and Mail.ru, which you may have heard about.


Well, earlier this year, it was revealed that Rambler.ru has been hacked and that 98 million accounts were leaked online, complete with passwords laid out in plaintext. It seems the breach happened in 2012, but information about it wasn’t shared until recently.